USA Email Database-10 Must Follow Rules for Purchased Email Lists

USA Email Database-10 Must Follow Rules for Purchased Email Lists

USA Email Database is a most wanted email database for online marketers.  As everyone knows, email marketing is a proven way to increase visitors and sales, obviously income.  90% United state population uses internet and 80% of them buy products online. This opens up a big opportunity for online marketers from every country to promote their product and services to USA Email Database. Let us see some must follow rules for using this email database and getting maximum benefit out of it.

1. Create an opt-in form or landing page and introduce yourself.


You have already got a purchased USA email database, right? However these email subscribers have not subscribed particularly for your product or on your website form. They have subscribed for some other online offer and agreed to receive online offers from companies through emails. Therefore the first step is that you need to create an attractive landing page or opt-in form and introduce yourself in a polite manner and create some interest in your product, website, blog or whatever you do. Make then double opt-in. This will make a smooth relationship with your new customers though purchased USA email database.

2. Purchase a Bulk email sending software


Buying bulk email software will save lot of your time and effort. Most of the email marketing companies will not allow using purchased email database. Also, email marketing companies charge like crazy for their service and that may not be affordable for every small business. Buy an email sending software and start your campaign.

3. Think about can spam act


Since you are using USA email database, you should be aware of United States “can-spam act”. They have outlined few rules on permission based email marketing. You had better follow those rules to avoid complications if you live in USA. It is applicable only for USA and every country has their own rules.

4. Tell your email database members who you are


Introduce yourself to your new email database members; tell then what they are going to receive and how they will be benefited by your emails. Do not do hard promotion. A smooth promotion will help you have long lasting subscribers.

5. Do not send too many emails


Since you have their emails, do not take it for granted. Send emails once a week or twice a month.  You can even let your subscribers know how frequently they will receive emails from you. Sending too many emails will obviously lead them to unsubscribe from your email offers.

6. Provide an opt-out option


We cannot tell that every subscriber will show interest always. They change, their mood changes, their preferences change. Therefore give an opt-out option in every email you send so that they can opt-out anytime they want.

7. Give them some FREE stuff


Thank your customers for being a loyal subscriber and provide them free stuff like e-books, videos, music, software some kind of free gifts every now and then. This will make them happy and tell them you value them

8. Conduct surveys and find out what they want


You may conduct some online surveys or quiz to make them interest and find out what they want. This will help you give them what they want keep them as a potential customer always.

9. Ask them to share the email content


Whenever you send emails to your USA email database integrate a social share button on it such as addthis or shareit. This will increase your visitors through social share. Do not hesitate or add a line in your email that “if you like this content please share it or comment”

10. Wait for the results


Email marketing is a proven method of online marketing that gives amazing results to many marketers. But, it depends on the product and service they offer. So, wait for the result, do not force them or send frequent and useless emails.

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