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Buy Email List by Zip Code

What is a zip code?

Zip code or area code or postal code is a code to locate a particular area in a city or state. For example: Los Angeles in California is found with a zip code 90001 and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles is found with 90210.

Why to buy email lists by zip code?

There are many companies and online marketers who promote product worldwide or in a country or state. If Apple wants to promote their iPhone, they can promote it worldwide, but, if you have house cleaning service in Beverly Hills, you cannot promote it worldwide. You need to promote your website only in Beverly Hills to particular zip code.

Email list zip code helps you narrow your email marketing and target exact area where you can sell your product or service.

USA Business Emails by Zip Code

We have Business email lists of all zip code in all states. Alabama to New York or Florida to Washington DC.  Any zip code, any area you can reach your prospects with our email list.

USA Consumers emails by Zip code

We cover all 50 states and Washington DC. You can buy consumer email list zip code from our huge 200 Million USA consumers email list from various states and cities.

UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia and Middle East Mailing list zip codes

We also cover many countries worldwide and our lists come with zip and area code in many of list. Contact us to get the exact area you want.

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