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5 Best Email Marketing Services to Build an Email List for Free

Writing blogs/website content and email marketing are important and go hand in hand. These are the finest way to convert any website visitors who visit through your website into potential leads who may become future customers at some time. Convincing your visitors to leave the content of your website and asking them to follow you on linkedin, Facebook or instagram isn’t that much easy, and email marketing permits you to build a more relaxed, personal and intimate relationship for you and your blog/website readers to communicate better than social media website does.

We’ll discuss why every business needs an email list in a second. You should know that you need one good email list as well. The truth is most of the email list building methods are expensive and not affordable to every business. Some small businesses, affiliates and start-ups may need email list for free or a cheap email list for marketing. That’s the focus of this post. We will discuss on why we need an email marketing list for every website/blog/business and how to find or build one for free.

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Why every business needs an Email List for Free?

We told at the beginning of the post that website content and email marketing mostly go hand in hand, but we barely touched core on the subject. Making money on any website relies on three important things—a content marketing strategy, good quality content and huge email list. Think well, why you need to run a website? To make sales of your products, service or affiliate commissions. Right?

Good informative content is simply one pillar in website promotion and marketing that helps you bring traffic to your stores and websites where your regular visitors can be converted very easily into new customers. Not all the visitors come to your website buy instantly. They need time to do research and normally most people visit many website and choose only the best or cheap. If the visitors does not come back, you lose them and lose your money too. Email marketing comes in place here, if you capture their email and build an email list for free you can get repeat sales through follow up emails.

With your email list, you can regularly provide value to your visitors (who are now subscribers) in the form of discounts and coupons before asking them to buy. This marketing method allows you to really establish trust and confidence by being very honest and really beneficial to the problems rather than having to rely on unsolicited marketing methods that will only mark you being a “spammer.” This also helps you to build a potential buyers email list for future marketing and promotions.

Why do you get an Email List for Free?

So, by now you have understood why your business needs an email list. There are many good options for you to choose from, services like Aweber, getresponse, optinmoster and Campaign Monitor. However, these email marketing services have pricing that may not be suitable for new start-ups, bloggers, webmasters especially if their budget is little or very small. That’s the major reason you might want to get an email list for free.

Most webmasters and bloggers do their work in spare time or they have little time spent on their new business. Therefore they may not have enough fund and investment to go right away with expensive email marketing service.

Let us discuss few good email marketing companies that allow you to build an email list for free and send promotional emails and offers.

How to get an Email List for Free?

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We will discuss about a few important things to consider before you choosing on a free email marketing service company to use. Your email service provider stores all the collect email lists for you, and you’ll need to import that list to your new email marketing service provider if you ever want to migrate or move. It’s important to think well about your options, needs and individual situation before deciding on a free email marketing provider.

Remember, every free email marketing company help you build your email list for free, but for a limited numbers of subscribers. Once you reached the limit, they may ask you to upgrade your free service to paid service.

List for companies where you can build email list for free


Many people engaged in small business or affiliate marketing will know about this company or heard about this sometimes or somewhere. Mailchimp allows you to build an email list for free and let you store 2000 subscribers’ maximum and send up to 12000 emails per month. It is good for anyone starting new business, website or affiliate marketing.

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This is another good company to start an email list for free. The beauty of this service is they allow you to store up to 6000 subscribers. This is really a good number of subscribers normally you cannot get free anywhere else. Unlike mailchimp or others, mailjet offers a beautiful drag and drop email builder and designer though which you can design beautiful emails in html or plain text with images, videos and gifs.

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Mailterlite is not known to many people engaged in email marketing. Since they are not much on media, many people does not know much. But, their service is really appreciable. They allow you to collect 1000 emails and offer nice A/B testing, email designing and click links statistics.

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This is another email marketing company that let you build your email list for free.  They let you collect 2500 emails and you can send up to 15000 emails per month for free. They are not only email marketing company they offer sms and push notification service too. It’s a good and innovative option. Push notification is a latest technology with browser companies like firefox, chrome, opera etc.


Benchmark is another good but unknown free email marketing service provider. With their free plan, you can send up to 14000 emails per month store up to 2000 emails.  They offer polls and surveys service apart from email services. Benchmark ‘s interface is little bit hard to use but you can learn it in few days since you joined.

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