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Email List and Mailing List-Why you should use email list for marketing?

What is an email list?

An email list is a collection of many email addresses meant for promotional or marketing purpose. Email lists can be used to contact potential buyers, clients or entirely unknown persons to introduce your company, service or products. Email lists are either purchased or collected over a time through blogs, websites and social media. Email lists are very important for every company, business or individual who is involved in online marketing or affiliate marketing. Email lists can do wonder in every business. Email list is the easiest way to reach potential customers, clients and business partners. Email marketing lists help every company do follow ups with existing customers, reach new customers also bring plenty of visitors to their websites and get good exposure to their business or services. Normally good email list comes in excel sheet with all the necessary details and demographic information.

Why email lists?

The question in every marketers mind is that whether email marketing can bring good results or not. The answer is yes. Email marketing is a proven methods to bring new visitors to any business. Email list can be used to promote your products and services and get new buyers every day and increase your profit. Everyone use their email regularly to communicate with friends, family or business purpose. As per a recent survey, 92% people who use email open their email at least once in a day and 78% people read emails from companies with opportunities, offers and discounts. 56% people react to those emails or buy a product or service.

As per the American internet marketing association’s survey, every dollar invested in email list brings 42 dollars ROI. No other method of advertisement work better than marketing through email list. This graph will tell you why you should use email list for marketing.


Email Marketing Results

How to get email list?

Email lists are acquired in 3 ways usually. Collecting an email list online, renting an email list and purchasing an email list online  are the 3 major ways to getting email lists for marketing. Depending on the need, budget and size of the company or individual, email lists are acquired. We will discuss about advantages and disadvantages of these methods and how to do these things step by step.

Rent an email list:

Expensive and need lot of trial and error method to find one good rental company. Most of the rental companies are greedy and get a huge amount for a small list. You are not sure whether that works for your product or service. You need to try them spending thousands of dollars and most of the time you lose money without getting any results. Rental companies rent a list that you can see or copy. You do not know where they are sending to right people or not. You might have to pay lot and do email marketing that you do not know what exactly is happening at the back end. These companies may send out a campaign with 1000 emails and charging you 100 dollars and you will end up 20 opens and 2 clicks. Is it worth your money? Off course not. Moreover, since they are not showing the emails, you cannot do any follow up with people for who you sent out emails. It is really like hitting around the bush and getting no results.

Collect an email list:

It takes many months and years to collect emails from people. Nobody gives their email to an unknown person or company. They are very skeptical in this regard. You need to invest lot of money in building a lead capture page and optin form and their hire a marketing agency to bring plenty of traffic to those opt-in pages and offer something free in order to collect emails. This is tedious, time consuming and off course needs lot of money to invest. You need to build expensive landing pages for this. Pay an expensive email marketing service for optin form and collecting and storage of emails. You may need to build many forms to test whether it works or gets conversions. The most hard part of this is bringing traffic and visitors to your optin form page or lead capture page. You need to promote it with social media, pay per click ads, banners, media buying and all those expensive online marketing methods. It takes many months or years to collect few thousands emails. By the time you have good amount emails, most people would have been unsubscribed your message. You will be wasting your money and time continuously without knowing what is happening around. Many people initially try this methods and broke heart after few months and stop the process without any results or losing money. This process is good for big companies with thousands and millions of dollars for marketing. It is not suitable for small businesses or individuals who want to earn online through their websites, blogs or affiliate network links.

Buy email list online:

This is most preferred method of most of the companies that involved in email marketing to promote their business or product or services. Have you not receiving many emails from banks, online shopping companies or social media sites? Where do they get your email? Most of those big companies buy USA email list and Worldwide Email List from a reputed vendor or a yellow pages site. In this method, you do not need to invest lot, you do not need to wait many months and years to collect email subscribers and add them in your email list. All you have to do is find a good email list company and buy email lists according to your target country and start selling and earning right away. Moreover, you will get millions of eager buyers and people those interested in offers, companies that are waiting for offer emails. When you send million emails in a month, even 1% people open and buy some product or service it make get you several thousands dollars in income and profit. 1% of a million is 10,000. How wonderful the result would be? wow… this is awesome. Clever marketers and business people buy email database list from online email list companies and send out millions of emails through software and enjoying massive profit. Have you not heard of those super affiliates and bloggers and online store owners using email lists and making thousands of dollars every day? Are you one of them or just a loser?  Think smart, work smart…start email marketing today and make huge money from email lists.

This graph would give you a clear idea of using email lists for marketing.


Email marketing ROI

Important things to note while buying an email list

Most of the email list vendors and companies sell email lists for a huge price. They know well that their lists are valuable to their buyers and their marketing. They use the psychology of demand and exploit buyers with highly priced email lists. Stay away from those companies that email lists for huge price. If any company sells the list more than 300 dollars, that mean they simply exploiting you. I have seen companies selling lists for 2000 to 5000 dollars or more. They are all just blood sucking demons, do not trust those greedy people and wast your money. Starting out with an email list for 50 to 150 dollars is affordable and smart way for every size of business. You need to start with small budget and once you make sales and profit, you may increase your budget on email marketing.

Tips to buy an email list:

Buy an affordable email list or cheap email list and try it first, then after few months you can buy high priced lists.

Buy country targeted email list.

Buy email list with all demographic details, email, name, and phone numbers. 90% of our email lists contain all the information like email address, consumer name, company name, communication address, zip code, state, SIC codes, phone and fax numbers, gender, website and many more information that is required for email marketing or telephone marketing.

How to use an email list?

Email lists can be used for various purposes. Most companies use it to promote and sell their products and services. Small businesses use email lists for selling their products and get some business partners too. Online store owners and people selling online use email database to get regular customers and sales. Big businesses use it, for getting B2B clients. Individuals use the email list to promote affiliate links and their social media pages and YouTube channels to get more subscribers. Even spammers use email lists to sell adult content, adult toys, pharmacy products or any other quick buck products. Using an email list totally depends on the person, company or business. If you use the email marketing lists in genuine and ethically promote your business or products you will get the trust of the recipient and your business will be established in long run.

Tips to use email lists:

Do not send frequent emails

Many people do not like getting many emails. With the development of android phones and smart phones, people check their emails in smart phones. Every time the receive email, the get intimation with a beep sound. This is a great disturbance it may distract their attention from their work. Therefore they do not like getting frequent emails from companies with offers. Keep your email frequency once or twice a week or fortnight. Sending frequent emails may irritate your clients. If you send too many emails they may feel you are taking them for granted. They may feel that you are over spamming them or hard selling your products.

Be a genuine email marketer

Do not send emails with useless or illegal products meant for only making money. Many people that buy mailing lists use it for sending cold emails with products like fake drug and adult health products. Some send emails with multi-level marketing or some kind of money schemes even fake credit card emails. Some promote products that has no value to the subscribers. Using email lists for genuine promotion of your business or service is always recommended by us.

Stop hard selling

Do not hard sell, be polite and introduce yourself professionally and make a relationship with your buyers. Sending emails with direct advertisements like big companies will not work for start-ups or small companies. Sending some useful information, offer, discount or gift card initially will get their attention. Slowly you can build a reputation and make good relationship with email lists subscribers. After few months, you can do some hard sell.

Respect the Law

Email Laws are different in various countries. If you live in the US, follow can-spam act guidelines to the best use of email list.

There are few important guidelines issued by the US government for companies and individuals that use email to promote their product or service. It is suggested that you follow some simple rule and guidelines issued by them to avoid any future issues.

Killer content is important

Buy mailing list and Send emails with good title and content so that people can open your email. People receive plenty of email from many people and companies every day. They do not open all the emails. They open emails from their friends, family and emails with a good and interesting title if it is from any company. Writing irresistible email titles is very important. Your title should catch the attention of the recipient immediately. A boring title that is meant for only hard sales or promotion never get opened. Remember this in mind and write a good title to every email. You can consult an online marketing company or freelance with good knowledge about email marketing and writing sales copy and emails.

Make an exclusive email list

Ask them to subscribe for your exclusive list. Since you have millions of email in purchased email lists, you cannot send millions of emails every day. It costs much or consume lot of time and powerful software. So, you need to build your own email list of interested people from the email marketing list that you purchased. Ask people to sign up for exclusive email list. Give them some free gifts, downloads or offers to join your email marketing list.

Comments and shares matter

Ask them to share their comments, suggestions and reviews about your email, product or service. They will love to do it. These-days people are more interactive and like to share their ideas, views, opinion to companies. Use this opportunity to make your email subscribers engaged with your email content.

Images in emails

Add images in your email messages. 2 to 4 images in email is ideal for attracting your email list members. Do not add image at the beginning, first put your title and some catchy words that persuade your reader to read your email further. Add images in between. If possible create a Gif image and add in the content. What is gif? A gif image is an image with moving objects, it is like a small video or 2 to 5 seconds. People love to see such images in email marketing messages and offer emails from companies. You can get many free images in sites like Getty images and there are many other sites to offer free images. You can search Google and find them.

Videos in emails

Add videos in emails. Videos are watched my millions of people on YouTube these days. Videos are shared and liked by many people. If you can create a good video that people love, your email message with video will go viral and obviously you get sales and income. Example: a product box opening or unboxing video or funny ad that make people laugh. You can find freelancers on fiverr or upwork to get your video created. Find some cheap gigs and make a video to include in your email marketing messages to your email lists.

Try worldwide email marketing

Buy email lists of many countries and try your marketing emails. With the development of online payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe and Skrill it is very easy to reach customers worldwide and make sales. These kind of payment processor make buying smooth for online shoppers. Buy email lists online in top tier countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia or China and try email promotion. Slowly you will know that you can take your business globally in no time.

Always send something valuable to the recipients. People will love to receive your emails once they found you are giving value to them and honestly thank them for being a loyal subscriber.

Hire a copy writer

Email copy is very important. Writing a killer copy is an art. If your sale copy is persuading the reader, then they will tend to open your messages whenever you send them. If you are writing some thing boring and gloomy they will never ever read your messages. Most time they may mark you as spam and your future emails may reach spam or junk folders. Go to freelancer or upwork and find a cheap freelance writer to write your marketing email copies. Get some wonderful emails written and send them out with your offers.

Buy a software

If you want to get more visitors, sales and profit, you should send as many emails as possible every day. There are many software that can send up to 50,000 to 100,000 emails in 2 or 3 hours. If you reach more people every day, your company or product will get more exposure and sales. Obviously all we want is sales, profit and repeated sales. Max bulkmailer, sendblaster and atomicsender are few examples for email sending software. Through these software you can design beautiful emails, design html or text emails, set your smtp and also see how many people opened your email, how many people clicked a link from your emails and much more statistics. This will help you improve your title, email copy and product selection. After few months of testing you can segment your list according the interest of the subscribers and then send offers and promotional messages only with the relevant category or niche.


What is a SMTP? SMTP means simple mail transfer protocol. Most of the high speed and large volume email sending happens through entering the SMTP address in the software you use to send out message. How does it look like? For example, if your domain name is www.emaildatabaselist.net and your email is example @ emaildatabaselist.net you need to enter the address and also password in order send out. After purchasing any mailing list you are recommended to use software with SMTP. Most of the free hosting or website hosting with limited bandwidth or email sending limit can limit you sending to 250 mails per hour to maximum of 2000 mails per hour using your mailing list. Therefore you always advised to rent an SMTP for sending up to 10000 or 20000 mails in a day. It is good amount of promotional email per day. However if you want reach more prospects, you may hire or build your own SMTP or vps. When you buy large quantities of mailing lists, you need to rent a reliable smtp or vps from companies like hostgator or A2 hosting. These companies provide high speed, 100% up time, reliability, good customer service and high volume sending limit. This is what a marketer needs to reach potential consumers or businesses to grow his business and increase sales and profit.


What is VPS. This mean virtual private servers. Instead of depending on other email marketing companies that charge huge fee to send out large quantity of emails, you can rent a VPS and send unlimited email to your mailing list. Most of the email marketing newsletter companies may not accept you to upload a purchased mailing list. You may need to get approval and send test emails before uploading any list to those companies. Instead of doing so, if you rent a vps for 30 to 50 bucks, you can send unlimited mails by integrating your software and VPS. I would suggest people that want to send more than 50000 emails per day to their mailing list should rent a vps to make the process smooth and easy. Hostgator is again a good company for VPS. They never limit your sending in their vps plans. Virtual private servers are of great use for those who send millions of emails every month and earning huge income through email marketing and affiliate marketing.


Everyone likes something free. The word free is a magic word in marketing. People love to get freebies. When you start sending initial campaign to your mailing list, you should decide to give away some wonderful and irresistible gift to them for free. Let it be a guide, software, video or coupon or voucher. This makes your marketing easier and people decide to open your emails and whitelist you in their contact list. You may also request them to add you in contact list.

Good landing page:

When people open your email and read messages and then click on a link. If you send them to your old ugly website home page or an information rich page perhaps it will not work for you. You should have a high converting landing page with a persuading sales copy. Get your sales copy written and design your landing page with beautiful image or videos and few 50 or 100 words and an optin form for your special list. It should catch their eyes in the first time. First impression is the best impression. Creating a simple and beautiful landing page is easy. You may hire a freelancer in fiverr for 20 bucks or less

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