Business Email Lists

How do we collect and compile our Business Email Lists?

We have a team of highly skilled marketing professional who make telephone calls to companies, business owners and businesses listed in directories to interview and collect business email lists from them and various online resources and marketing and database research partners.

We know well that fresh and accurate data is really important for every business engaged in active online or offline promotion. It helps business growth and relationships. That’s why our company invests almost more than $10 million every single year and employ 200 part-time and full-time data researchers to ensure our consumers and business email lists are regularly updated.

Our team of experts send promotional emails in regular interval to ensure that all email addresses are accurate and have good delivery rate and open rate. We check our email lists periodically for the reputation of IPs and servers too.

Everything you need has been made easier and we make your job quicker so that you can start your email marketing campaigns with our email lists.

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Why do you need our business email lists?

Every business needs new customers, clients, business partners to increase their sales and profit. Our Business email lists give excellent growth opportunities and ROI. Our B2B email lists have helped thousands of businesses in the US and many other countries. Marketers and businesses who want to run a perfect email marketing campaign or tele-marketing campaign have trusted our business email lists and admired us for providing them an excellent list of prospects and potential clients and buyers.

What fields are included in our business email lists?

As you know, having only emails and not knowing whom you are emailing or contacting is just like hitting around the bush or shooting in the sky. We know this very well and our business email lists come with all the necessary information and demographic details. Our email list fields are name, email address, company name, full communication address, phone numbers, fax and website addresses and in most cases we provide the exact GPS to reach them.

USA Business Email Lists

USA is one of the big market with huge demand for product and services from the US and other countries. Having a business email list from USA can definitely boost your sales and profit. Our USA business email list is the most economical and affordable. We charge our buyers a very low fee for our email lists. Most companies are profit oriented and charge their customers too much money that every one cannot afford. Keeping small businesses, start-ups, small online store owners and affiliates who cannot afford high priced email lists, we have kept our USA business email list price to only $65. We offer more than 10 million accurate records for this onetime fee. We cut down our expensive advertisements and keep the list price low so that every small and medium business owners can be benefited.

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Who can use our US Business Email Lists?

Our US business email lists are good for every online marketers. Our major buyers of this email list are Real estate agents, Insurance companies, Finance companies, Online trading companies, non-profit organizations, Import and export companies, Online store owners, Electronics and consumers product suppliers, Bitcoin and crypto currency promoters, Affiliates marketers and Casino, gaming and betting industry affiliate and promoter.

UK Business Emails List

We have included a million records in our United Kingdom email list. UK is highly potential market with huge and regular demand for products and services offered by companies and individuals. If your company has any product to promote or get customers UK market is open for you. It’s a huge market with several billion pounds turn over every years. Consider buying our UK email lists that come with both consumers and businesses 1 million records.

Canada Business email lists

Canada come next to USA and UK markets. Every year the Canadian market grows fast and they have huge demands for products and services from other countries. Targeting Canadian businesses through our Canada email lists can boost your sales and ROI.

Australia Business Email Lists

Australia is a small country with 25 million population, but the market is very huge and every business has prospects in Australia. If you do not consider this marketing, you will leave plenty of money on the table. This country welcomes every opportunity from other countries. Buy our Australia email lists can help any business grow.

China Business Email Lists

China is the biggest country with 1.41 Billion population and has wide range of business operating in China. China has huge demand for both import and export industries. If you do not cover China in your online marketing, you will lose plenty of money.

How to use Business email lists for marketing?

Email marketing is a proven method of promoting any business and gives more than 420% ROI. Irrespective of small, medium or large business, every business needs email marketing for getting targeted visitor, sales and profit. You can reach potential buyers and businesses through email marketing.

Step1: Plan your marketing

After buying a Business email list, you should plan your email marketing campaign. Take few weeks to write down you plan one by one on a paper or your computer. How many emails are going to send per week, which country or state you are going to target, what kind of products or services you are going to market to your business email list, how much return are you expecting, who is going to write your sales copy or email copy, how many images and videos are you going to add in your emails… everything has to be planned. If you want good result and increase subscribers list, sales and profit, your plan should be excellent. If you are not capable of planning, you can contact a local marketing agency or a freelancer for your plans and execution.

Step2: Write good email copy or sale copy

Everyone can write emails and send them. Remember, all emails are not opened and read. To increase open rate and conversion, you should write some fabulous email copy. High converting email headlines and copy are important. Do not forget add some good images and videos in your emails. And add social share buttons in emails so that people can share your emails.

You can hire a freelancer in fiverr or freelancer for writing your email copies. Initially plan for one or two months campaign and slowly you can change your methods later on after some test and tweak.

Step3: Design Your Email template

Email templates can be purchased or designed as per your brand guidelines. Having a template in your brand colours and fonts is a good idea. You may also include your logo or company slogan in every email.

Step4: Decide your link profile

Decide which link you are going to include in your business emails. You may include links to your product or services. Most companies add an email signature at the bottom with link to their home page. After compiling your email test your links whether it is working or not. If you find any broken link, correct it before you send.

Step5: Decide your email frequency

Marketing strategy differ from company to company. Some companies send every day emails with offers, some send once a week and some send once in 3 days or 4 days. It depends on how you decide to reach your prospects.

Step6: Add videos in your emails

No one wants to read long emails or content these days. In recent years, people have switched over to watch videos instead of reading long content. A 2000 words content can be made into a 1 minute video. Reading 2000 words content may take 5 to 10 minutes, but watching the video takes only 1 minute or less.

Step7: Add social share buttons

Sharethis and addthis are two good social share button providers. Their service is free and you can join them and get the share button codes in html and add them in your emails.

Step8: Sit back and Watch

Now, wait and watch your sales and profit increase day by day. People use emails every day and most your emails will convert into visitors, sales and income. Using business email lists for your marketing is an art you can learn it slowly and become an expert marketer soon. All the best.

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