10 Things you should know before buying an email database list


You have made a good decision to buy email lists and grow your business. Buying an email database would help any business to get new visitors, conversion and sales. Email marketing is one of the most economical ways to promote your business to mass. Reaching out thousands and millions would fetch great increase in income. Email marketing is a proven way to get conversion and sales. Before buying an email database list please keep the following 10 things in mind.


Think about the quantity of the emails

Quantity is very important when you buy an email database list. The more prospects you reach the more money you make. Sending out large amount of emails is a proven way to get plenty of new visitors to your website, blog or affiliate links. Find a company that sells millions of emails for a cheap price and buy from them.

Have an email marketing plan

Before you buy an email list decide how many email you are going to send every day, how much your target is, what kind of products you are going to promote and all kinds of plan in your mind.

Choose a bulk email sending software

You are going to send large amount of emails every day. Therefore, you are advised to buy an email sending software or own your shared VPS server to send bulk emails. There are many companies provide these VPS servers for rent too. You can buy an email sending software here.

Remember the can-spam act

If you live in United States or Europe you should follow can-spam act. Whenever you send an email campaign do not forget to follow some basic and simple rules in can-spam act.

Segment the email lists

Before sending emails to large number of people, you should categorize and segment your emails list for your marketing convenience.

Know the capacity of your software

Before sending out emails, you should know how much emails can be send per day through the bulk email software you have. Do not over load your server with heavy sending and get your software struck or hanging. Sending 50,000 to 100,000 emails per day would be fine with most software and VPS.

Purify your emails list

Almost many email lists available online may have 10 to 40% old and invalid emails. This is most common as people tend to change their emails or their emails are invalid since they have not used it long time. Not all the people are tech savvy or internet warms. Therefore you should frequently remove invalid emails from your email lists.

Frequency of the email matters

Do not over spam the list. Send 1 email campaign a week or 2 email campaign a month. People do not wish to receive too many emails.

Offer an opt-out option

Every people cannot be interested in your offers or products. If they are not interested in your emails they should be able to opt-out from your list any time. Give an unsubscribe link at the end of the email so that they can opt-out anytime they want.

Give something valuable to them

Do not thing about only profit all the time. Give something that your customers value. If you offer them something really most valuable to them, they will stick to your list and be a loyal customer. Keep all these 10 Things you should know before buying an email database list and buy email lists.



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