How to Buy Email Lists -10 Important Points You Should Keep in Mind.

How to Buy Email Lists -10 Important Points You Should Keep in Mind.
Email marketing is not a substitute for Twitter of Facebook. This is because Email marketing will remains one of the most efficient and responsive online tools. This is why is important to build a list to kick start your Email marketing. To be honest with you, I don’t like my inbox to be filled with unwanted emails, and I know nobody does. The issue is that buying email list has a lot of danger that may make you look like a spam and annoys the people you are trying to reach out to.   Below are few tips that can help you in buying email lists:
1. Look for fresh and affordable email lists 
Many companies sell email lists for huge price keeping the potential of the clients. Many companies sell for $500 to $5000. It is true that you can buy the same list for $100 or below with other companies. Search and find a cost effective and affordable email list. Click to buy $47 to $99 affordable email lists.
2. Don’t just start mailing Prospect after buying a list
1) This is bad 2) It can get you into trouble: A lot of that prospect will be annoyed if they know they don’t give you their mail 3) This can be illegal in some cases. The best way to get started is to work with the person that sold you the list.  Ask the person to send his audience mail asking them to sign up on your list.
3. Do make the Mistake of Paying the exact Amount
This is a factor of the number of subscribers. If the seller can provide you with 5000 subscribers, make sure you are not paying for the whole of the 5000, but those that sign up on your list after the seller sent a mail to his subscribers. You should get good mailing software to help you with this part.
4. You should Sort out the Mail and make sure the Generic Ones are Removed
You will get few or no response sending mail to this kind of address like “”. Generic email addresses can be found with shoe email list, restaurant Email list, and attorney email lists. For you to have successful email marketing, you need the email of the restaurant, shoe business owner and not necessarily the generic emails.
5. It’s extremely Important that the mail has 60+% Delivery Rate
You may be wondering why you are getting a weak response from your mails. The ISPs (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) always divert email address to spam. This can be caused when you have some bad mail amidst the good email address. The diverting of the email address I what happens when 2,000,000 mails is sent with little or zero responses. Buying an email list with less than 60% deliverability will pose a significant loss on your email marketing Endeavour. Ask for 60+% delivery rates or don’t buy at all.

6. Get a free Email
A lot of sellers should ideally compensate you with free mail for the undelivered mails. The crux of the whole things is that few of those emails were blocked because of the few bad one among them. You should try all you can to buy email list that will offer you money back. You have the probability of getting a good email list if the seller offers you a refund guaranteed.
7. Ask for the details of the recipient
You should gather the information of the recipients such as the name of the contact and personal mail of the recipients. All of this information will be uploaded on the email software you are using. Just like every other law, make sure that the personal mail of the recipients has a delivery rate of 60% .  This allows you to interact with your prospect based on their name and that will go a long way because we all love to be called by our names. The recipient details help in many ways, and if you are not getting it, there is no point buying the email list.

8. Call To very Some Email List
The phone numbers of the recipients also another impotent thing you need to get from the seller. Immediately you receive such mail, just put a call through to about 20 of them to know if you are sold a trash or real thing. If you noticed that you are not getting a response from almost 50%, then you should not buy such email lists.

9. Go for recent Data
You need a good data for the effectiveness and of your email marketing campaign.  Most of the seller deliverability guarantee end in 14 days.  This is because people move jobs, get married and pack out a vicinity from time to time. Most of the data collected during those times must have been subjected to some changes. It was gathered that data decay 30 % every year. Buy here: fresh email lists updated last month.

10. Check the terms of use for the data
Is the email list for one use or multiple usages? Different seller may charge you based on what you want to use to mail for. Do everything not to violate the agreement of the choose thinking the dealer won’t find out or passed it to a friend. The seller still tracks how you use their list even after selling it to you. If they found out, they will need to charge you extra for such usage.
11. Budget
Know the volume of data you want. The price per thousand and depending on how to detail the information you want. Do you need the name of the recipient, personal email address, and phone number? If you go for millions of bulk emails, you can get good cheap price.

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