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Fields Included in Email List:

Name, Email, Address, State, Zip, Phone, and Gender

Fields Included In Email List:

Company Name, Email, Address, State, Zip, Phone, Website and SIC code

Fields Included Email List:

As mentioned in consumer email list and business email list.

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Why you need  to buy email lists?

The latest survey by “Internet Live states” and “Netcraft”, two American internet marketing survey companies have confirmed that there are 1.71 billion websites, 4.35 Billion internet user as of October 2019. Out of which there are 600 to 900 million sites are very active and live. If you want to survive in such a huge competition and get website traffic, conversion, sales and profit to your business you must buy email lists for marketing your company, product or service. Otherwise, it is difficult to survive and your company and products will disappear in the ocean of internet. That’s why I suggest and insist all of my fellow marketers to buy email list for your marketing without having a second thought.

Why buying email list is better than social media?

Many people think that they can promote their websites, products or services in social media. Social media sites have billions of users and billions of hits every month. However, the fact is 83% social media users are mostly 15 years to 25 years of age and they use for friends and family networking and fun and pass time. Many people invest in social media have lost plenty of money in their ad campaign. The latest survey says that every one dollar invested in social media gives 1.2 to 1.35 dollars return. For example if you invest 1000 dollars you may get ROI of 1200 dollars. What about the fees to pay for internet marketing company? They will take and eat up all your money and finally you will end up losing lot of money after few months of running your campaign.

But, every dollar invested in email lists and email marketing gives a return of 42 dollars. Isn’t it amazing? For example if you invest 1000 dollars in email marketing and buying email lists. You get the ROI 42,000 Dollars.  No other form of online marketing gives such huge return on your investment. That is why every company is turning towards email marketing these days and they buy plenty of books on how to do email marketing. Lot of YouTube videos are watched and email marketing courses are selling huge.

What questions arise before you order email lists

You may wonder is it good to purchase email list? Is it legal to send cold emails to unknown recipients?  Can I invest money on email marketing? Will people respond to my emails if I send cold emails with my offers or promotional content? We will answer all these questions one by one.

Is it good to buy an email list?                     

As we said above, the American internet marketing association survey says that 1 dollar invested in email marketing gives 42 dollars return. Email marketing is always good as long as you are not over spamming or unprofessional. Most people acquire email lists and start spamming every day with affiliate offers and many amazon links. Even some people spam with illegal products like sex toys, sex drugs and porn sites. This is where one get irritated and mark you as spammer or complaint. If you are a genuine marketer and selling good products that can be useful to the email recipients, then you can purchase email lists and send less frequent cold emails with your offers. If you introduce yourself in polite manner and ask them to buy your products or ask them to sign up for you newsletters, most people will do.

Is it legal to send cold emails?

Different countries have different laws and guides on sending emails to people. If you live USA you should follow the can-spam guidelines and follow some simple rules and send cold emails, promotional emails to anyone. European countries have different rules. Before you send emails to unknown person, please be well aware of your govt. guidelines and laws.

Where to buy email list?                                        

This is the very important thing one must know before buying email lists. When you search online in Google or any other search engines, you will find many companies and brokers rent email lists or sell email lists for huge price. Most companies are profit oriented and exploit their customers with huge price. Do you think their price is affordable? Never…! Their pricing model may be suitable for big companies and businesses with millions of dollars in marketing budget. 

You should find a company that cuts their ad cost and sell cheap email lists that is affordable to all kinds of small business owners, start-ups, affiliates and online stores owners.

What fields a good email list should have?

A good consumer’s emails list should contain the name, email address, postal address, zip code and phone numbers. If possible gender and income details.

A good business email list should contain business name, SIC codes, postal address, zip, state, phone numbers and fax numbers so that you can run your email marketing campaign or telephone marketing campaigns.

How to buy email list?

Just click on the buy now buttons above in respective email list and pay through credit card or bank transfers. Once you made payment, you will receive an email with download link instantly. If you do not receive the delivery email, write to us and we will send the link within 24 to 48 hours.

What is the pros and cons in building a list and buying email list?

Building email list:

It takes 2 to 5 years to build a good list.

You need to join an expensive email marketing service and pay every month. Most companies will increase the monthly price as your list grows.

You need to spend lot of time in creating a high converting lead capture form and landing page.

You may need the help of an internet marketing company to put everything in place. IM companies may charge you huge money too.

You need to spend lot of money advertising your opt-in page. Bringing traffic is the hardest and most expensive thing.

Buying an email list:

You get the list instantly. No need to wait for 5 years to build a list.

You do not need to pay monthly. You pay only one time fee to buy.

You do not need to spend long hours in creating form and pages, you start sending cold emails within a week or month after you draft nice sales emails and templates.

In most cases, you do not need an internet marketing company’s help.

No advertising costs.

All you need to careful is to follow email marketing ethics so that your recipient does not mark you as spammer.

What are the next steps after buying an email list?

Okay fine. You have purchased your emails list.  Now, you would wonder how to send mass emails or bulk emails. Because if you approach any email marketing company they may not allow you to import purchased email list into their system. Therefore you must buy an email blasting software like send blaster or max bulk mailer for 30 to 50 dollars. You may send direct sending method to by-pass SMTP or you can use or rent an SMTP for 20 to 50 dollars. Many hosting companies rent or sell SMTP. If you are a pro marketing want results fast, you can also rent a VPS for unlimited email sending. Both the software and SMTP or VPS put together your investment is not more than 70 to 100 dollars. The beauty is, you enjoy sending unlimited emails for life. Even you can earn from renting your emails list or sending emails for others and earn thousands of dollars a month in passive income. Many people have purchased our reseller email list and started their own email list business and earing huge money in spare time. Everything depends on your purpose, if you want just promote your business or products, simple buy email list and start sending emails. If you want to start an online business and earn money, you may consider buying reseller email list.