Email Address List

Email Address List

There is a tough competition between businesses these days. Getting website traffic, sales and income is very hard these days if you do not have an email address list for marketing.


Email marketing is a proven method for getting visitors to your websites, blogs, online stores and social media pages. Email marketing give 400% ROI and every dollar invested in email address list give a return of 42 dollars, as per the survey from American association of marketing and sales.

Email address list help you reach potential customers, clients, businesses on time and grow your business fast. Without an email address list you cannot imagine a great return on investment in any online or offline business.

Increase sales with email list

Who needs email address list?

Online businesses, store and online shop owners, start-up companies, affiliate marketers and anyone who needs quick exposure to their business or service.

Why you need an email address list?

Email list is a list of potential buyers, online shoppers, businesses that look for business with other companies, consumers that look for offers, discounts and new products to buy. Email list can help you reach them quickly and professionally. Everyone checks their email regularly and you get attention of them and instant conversion.

How much these email lists cost?

Most of companies that sell email list are greedy and suck the blood of their customers by selling the email list for huge price. But our company sells email list for very low cost so that every small business can afford and grow business with our email list. Our lists price starts from $47 the most affordable price for every small business or affiliate marketer.

Is email marketing better than social media?

Yes. Email marketing is considered the most effective and cost effective method of promoting any business or service. Social media is used for fun and as a pass time for most people. But, people look into emails very seriously. Social media is proliferated with youth and kids that never gives good result for any small business or online store. Most of the people spend lot of money in social media promotion and end up with nothing. They fail again and again and lose lot of money, efforts and invaluable time. Email marketing is very cheap and gives amazing results quickly.  Having an email list for marketing is a clever men’s choice.

How to choose email list?

Choose a list with large quantities, in millions. It may help you reach more and more customers, clients and sales. Most of the email lists come in various format. But, our email list are in Microsoft excel format that is easy for uploading the list into your email marketing software or email services. Moreover, our email addresses list come with all important fields any marketer needs, such as email, name, gender, communication address, zip, postal codes, contact numbers, fax, website address etc. Our lists can be used to both email marketing for cold emailing and direct mailing too. It can even be used as a telephone marketing list to do cold calling. Choose your target country and buy our email lists to increase your visitors, sales, income and ROI.

Good for small businesses, online stores and big business promotion

Our email list is ideal for every small business to increase their customer base and get new clients every day. It is also good for online store and online vendors who need quick sales and income. Big businesses can use the business list to promote your business and get more professional contacts and new clients and business partners.

Affiliate marketers may love this

Affiliate marketing is getting harder these days since nobody allows affiliate links to promote. Social media sites and big websites do not allow to post affiliate links anywhere. Most times, they ban the user if they post any affiliate link and they treat them as spam and instantly suspend account or ban them permanently. In such situation, email list is the best choice to promote affiliate products and enjoy plenty of visitors and sales. Obviously huge affiliate commissions.

How to buy email list?

It is very simple. Choose the country and email list and pay through your credit debit cards and get the download link instantly to email address. After buying, spend 2 to 4 week to do some research on how to write high converting sales copy or email letters. Get your email campaign ready decide the frequency of emails and launch your email campaign to the email list.

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